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A new app professionalises domestic work

Edomestix is convinced that much of the friction between domestic worker and employers arises from unclear expectations and terms of employment. They've got a solution.

eDomestic focuses on ensuring that employers of domestic workers comply with labour regulations, by creating an app to manage the relationship. The online service provides subscribers with:

  • professional contracts of employment,

  • UIF registration,

  • electronic timesheet

  • monthly payslips

  • leave administration and maintenance of leave records.

The mobile App allows our subscribers to receive payslips and invoices, log leave and absentees and also make notes on the personal file of the domestic worker. It is designed to ensure that employers comply with applicable legislation, including the Basic Conditons of Employment, Unemployment Insurance Fund Act, and the Labour Relations Act. Our eDomestix platform and systems also provide our subscribers with professional HR and Labour Law services.

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