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DOMESTIC WORKER RIGHTS: A legal and practical guide.

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

The Socio-Economic Rights Initiative (SERI) recently launched a guide detailing the regulations and labour guidelines for domestic worker employment.

South Africa has some of the world's most advanced regulations around domestic employment, but many workers still aren't clear on what rights they have, and how to claim them. We are delighted about SERI's new guide, and related Fact Sheets. (A shout-out to Izwi members gracing the cover!)

If you are a worker or employer, scroll down for links to download the guide and fact sheets, available in English or Zulu.

Below is SERI's introduction to the Guide:

"Domestic work is one of the largest sources of employment for black women in South Africa, however domestic workers remain one of the most vulnerable occupational groups due to being positioned at the intersection of three lines along which inequality is generated: race, gender and class. Many domestic workers continue to be subjected to exploitative working conditions and disrespectful treatment. Despite the implementation of labour laws and the collective efforts of domestic workers to assert their rights, domestic workers’ employment rights are not always realised. 

SERI developed this user-friendly resource guide to create awareness of the rights of domestic workers and the obligations of employers in terms of the domestic employment relationship. It explains what the law says about domestic workers and gives practical advice on how domestic workers can engage with their employers.

SERI also launched a series of short, mobile-friendly information sheets on the rights of domestic workers in English and Zulu. These cover topics like wages, leave, the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), employment contracts, the end of employment and the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA)."

Download the Guide, or fact sheets on specific issues, at the links below:
  • Download Domestic Workers' Rights: A Legal and Practical Guide (April 2018) here.

  • Fact sheet on wages here (English) and here (IsiZulu).

  • Fact sheet on leave here (English) and here (IsiZulu).

  • Fact sheet on the UIF here (English) and here (IsiZulu).

  • Fact sheet on ending the employment relationship here (English) and here (IsiZulu).

  • Fact sheet on employment contracts here (English) and here (IsiZulu).

  • Fact sheet on the CCMA here (English) and here (IsiZulu)."

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