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We are at: 

30 Edith Cavell St,
Hillbrow, Johannesburg, 2001
South Africa


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Do you want to help change the situation? Consider donating! 

Since our early days in 2018, Izwi has helped over 1000 domestic workers resolve cases of mistreatment, exploitation and violence. We have facilitated over R2 million in payments from employers to domestic workers, have advised thousands of workers on labour rights, and have led and collaborated on successful campaigns for domestic workers access to the national minimum wage and to Covid Support Funds. 

All of this has been done on a tiny annual budget, thanks to probono and volunteer time, and our efforts to keep costs low. This means that any money given goes a long way! Every gift will have a direct impact on the number of women we are able to help, and the extent to which we can advocate for change.

We also welcome in-kind donations, and volunteers. Get in touch if you are interested. 

CONTACT US to ask questions, share your stories, or become a member.

JOIN OUR WHATS APP GROUP to learn more about worker issues and upcoming events.

COME TO OUR EVENTS, trainings, and monthly meetings.


CONTRIBUTE. Izwi is run primarily by volunteers; if you have time or skills to contribute, we can use them!

Domestic Workers

BE AN ETHICAL EMPLOYER: Make you are paying and treating your domestic worker fairly.  Some resources to start with are:

  1. SERI  Domestic Worker Rights Guide

  2. Edomestix app for contracts and legal compliance

JOIN OUR EFFORTS. Izwi is run primarily on volunteer power; if you have time or skills to contribute, we can use them!

SHARE IZWI AND OTHER RESOURCES with your employee.  

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