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Izwi in the media

"Izwi" means Voice.  Domestic work is hidden work; it happens

behind closed doors, and, despite the labour laws, employers

easily get away with exploitation and abuse. Workers often

feel they are disrespected by not only employers, but society

as a whole. Giving workers a chance to speak about their

opinions and experiences in the media is an critical step in

breaking the culture of silence and shifting power disparity. 

Below is a sampling of some of the stories our media partners have shared.

"Rights, regulations, and treatment of domestic workers in South Africa: More specifically GBV in the domestic space." Power Lunch with Faith Mangope, PowerFM, 1 Dec 2021

​​"SA has laws to protect domestic workers and ensure fair treatment." Ntseku,

M, Cape Argus, 18 Aug 2021

"Gender-based violence faced by domestic workers." Channel Africa, 9 Oct 2020

Report exposes shocking levels of domestic worker sexual abuse." Comins, L. IOL, 1 Oct 2020


"Domestic workers pay high price for employers’ noncompliance." Wicks, B. The Citizen, 5 May 2020

"Domestic workers hung out to dry during lockdown.
Tekie, A & Khunou, K. Business Day, 29 April 2020

"Domestic Workers Speak Out."Nethshitungulu, C. Lenasia Rising Sun, 15 October 2019.

"The ViewPoint", SAFM, 10 September 2019.


"Not much in minimum wage for vulnerable women to celebrate." Tekie, A & Khunou, K. Business Day, 24 August 2019.

"Domestic workers demand to be treated fairly under law." Cabe, M. & Bangani, Z. New Frame, 28 June 2019

The Morning Show, eTV, 19 June 2019.

Tonight with Lester, 702 / Cape Talk, 20 May 2019

Morning News Today, ENCA, 3 May 2019. 

"Hope for domestic workers." Cabe, M. Mail & Guardian, 24 January 2019.

"Domestic worker exploitation in South Africa." Power 98.7, 29 May 2018.

"Domestic worker describes how boss beat her." ENCA News, 27 April 2018.

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