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Izwi & CWAO launch podcast on Domestic Workers rights!

In the first episode of this series, Domestic Workers: Know your rights!, we address the painful issue of violence and harassment, at the workplace and at home. Our lovely hosts Maggie & Tshepiso talk about what gender-based violence is, what forms it can take, and what you can do if you are in a situation where you are feeling threatened, harassed, or abused.

Stay tuned! There are more episodes coming on issues such as fair recruitment processes, wages and deductions, working hours, leave, maternity rights, dismissal, UIF / COIDA, and the CCMA process.

This is part of the Casual Workers Advice Office radio station for workers, Buwa Basebetsi. Buwa Basebetsi is a platform for the worker, by the worker. Hosting radio episodes and podcasts, it provides all you need to know about your right as a worker, as well as what you should do if those rights are not met. Buwa Basebetsi is produced by the Casual Worker Advice Office in partnership with Simunye Workers Forum.

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